Rick Gutierrez

Rick has learned and grown personally and professionally over the past decade. He has engaged in leadership seminars, conferences, and personal and professional development in the fields of digital and print marketing. He has also evolved tremendously in terms of referral marketing. Rick has dedicated countless hours to coffees, lunches, ribbon cuttings, and happy hours, building a network and creating relationships with exceptional professionals in the community. All for the love of helping others while also helping himself. Of course, he got into networking to build his own business, but why not do it while also helping someone else? Who doesn’t love getting help? Big secret….it feels better to give.

Rick did it all to build his marketing business in print. Somewhere along the way, that focus shifted from building his own business to building everyone around him. This was an incredibly fulfilling time for Rick. Through his years in the networking scene in Houston, he came across a national networking organization. This organization was a game changer for him and changed his trajectory in business and life. He was just a member for years, working the effective system they teach. He consumed all the knowledge and skills he uses today. 

Host of Biz-Talk