NowMedia Video Business Card
An amazing and powerful tool to network and convert leads to sales fast... and is perfect for contractors and interior designers.
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The NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) has been used by multiple contractors, decorators and interior designers across the country to boost their brand and convert their leads into sales fast!


Our cutting-edge technologies allowed these companies to include within their NowMedia Video Business Cards (TM) documents such as credit applications, digital brochures, and testimonials in real-time.


Deploying our NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) to their sales and customer service teams as well as field-technicians was fast, affordable, easy and reflected a consistent message throughout the company.


If you are a contractor, interior designer or decorator the NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) is a must for your business.


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Some of the brands which have integrated a NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) into their companies.