NowMedia Video Business Card
An amazing and powerful tool for accounting, bookkeeping & tax professionals. Network and convert leads to sales fast.
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The NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) is the best tool for accounting, bookkeeping and tax professionals to convey a clear and powerful message about their firms, areas of expertise and the services offered to prospective clients. 


Our cutting-edge technologies allowed these companies to include within their NowMedia Video Business Cards (TM) applications, digital brochures, bios and credentials of the multiple tax professionals, secured data, digital document ingestion and client login links, as well as testimonials in real-time.


Deploying our NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) to their sales and customer service teams,  was fast, affordable, easy and reflected a consistent message throughout their firm.


If you are an accounting, bookkeeping or tax professional, the NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) is a must for your business.


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Some of the brands which have integrated a NowMedia Video Business Card (TM) into their companies.